Grayson Allen is without question the most controversial player in college basketball this season. Yes, Allen does play for the most universally hated college basketball program in the country, the Duke Blue Bevils. However, this season has been less about the name on the front of the jersey and more about the name on the back.

First there were the claims of Allen trying to intentionally trip players. Then this season there was the "indefinite" suspension of Allen after he tripped an Elon Phoenix player. In the following two games since his return from the suspension there has been a "strange" play involving his leg and a Boston College player plus this play below involving Florida State's bench.

Did Allen shove the coach on purpose? Well that is left to your interpretation. This week Levack and Goz engaged in what I believe to be one of their funniest segments of the past few months. Both guys had career advice for Allen. Hear their advice below.

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