The Top Five At Five is normally the five biggest stories in the world of sports but since there isn't a ton of sports at the moment we've been doing topics. Today as part of "Yankees Week" Goz challenged me to list my "Five Favorite Yankees of All Time" but that's impossibleI'd need about 30 spots for that. So I decided to forget Goz and his rules. Here are my Top Five Favorite Yankees of my Lifetime thanks to Roland J. Down Service Experts.

5) CC Sabathia SP: The big fella has been a huge part of the Yankees' success since joining the club in 2009 AKA the last time they won the World Series.

4) Rickey Henderson LF: You never forget your first! Henderson's mix of speed and power was what made him my first favorite player. Henderson led the league in runs scored 146 and stolen bases 80, Had a .314 batting average, and hit 24 home runs in 1985 which was his first year in Pinstripes.

3) Don Mattingly 1B: Look if your nicknames are "The Hitman" and "Donnie Baseball" you're a badass. A Yankee Captain and all-around great player it's a shame that nonsense and injuries kept Mattingly from winning a World Series as a player.

2) Mariano Rivera CL: THE SANDMAN! The most dominant closer in the history of baseball. More men have walked on the moon than hit Mo in the postseason. Plus unanimous HALL OF FAMER!!!

1) Derek Jeter SS: "The Captain" was an amazing leader, a key ingredient in FIVE World Series Championships. NUFF SAID!

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