We are just one week away from the first kickoff to a college football game in the 2017 season. Plus we are just two weeks away from the first NFL regular season game of the season. Football is so close to returning and that means Levack's Locks will be back exclusively on 1045theteam.com Sports fans are starving to find out what fantasy football players to avoid drafting leading up to the season. Does Levack have a list of players you NEED to draft his season? What teams could have surprising seasons in college football? What NFL team is undervalued heading into the season? Well we could find out all of that and more in Levack's Locks. However.... where is Levack? The show is on the road this Friday in Saratoga. The show was shortened for Yankee coverage this Thursday. Where has Levack been? Find out where my journey took me in search for Levack this week.

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