There's an old saying out there "excuses are like butts, everyone has one" (I cleaned that up for the site). So I try not to make too many excuses when it comes to my "Locks" BUT it is super important to remember it's 2020 and things change so fast this season. Whether it's due to COVID-19 or the far more typical injury issues, this season has been insane. I'm not trying to excuse my 1 - 2 week or dismal 10 - 17 season but just trying to add context. So as I give you my plays this week I recommend treading lightly and maybe cutting what you would normally wager in half.

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers -7

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only undefeated team left in the NFL and their defense is amazing. That being said there are a few reasons to really like the Bengals this least against the spread. The Joe Burrow lead Bengals are 6 - 2 ATS and have had a bye week to get healthy and prepare for the Steelers. Big Ben Rothlisberger hasn't been around the team at all this week after Tight End Vance McDonald tested positive for COVID-19. Put all of that together with the fact that "big" Ben is not really himself and I see a low scoring game that the Bengals could actually win outright.

Bengals + 7

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 5.5 at Carolina Panthers

I enjoy watching the Panthers play and I think they are clearly on the right path but this is a bad week to play the Buccaneers! Someone in the NFL schedule office must not like "Teddy Two Gloves" and the Panthers because this is the second time in one year they have to play the Buccs after the Saints did. The last time was week two and Brude Ariens publicly chided Tom Brady after the loss to the Saints. Then Brady and the Buccs covered an eight-point spread and beat the Panthers WITH Christian Mccaffrey. History is repeating itself but this time no RUN CMC for the Panthers.

Buccaneers - 5.5

Houston Texans at Cleveland Browns - 3.5

This one seems easy to me. The Browns are the best of the pretty good teams in the NFL and the Texans are so bad JJ Watt isn't posting gym pics. The face of the Texans doesn't even want to show his face!

Browns - 3.5

NOW I BREAK THE RULES! Well not really breaking the rules because I made them up and there was never a rule saying I couldn't post a teaser. The one steadfast rule is I bet what I post and I bet this! for my third and final pick I present the first-ever FOUR TEAM 6.5 POINT TEASER!!!

Detroit Lions + 3.5
New York Giants + 10
Las Vegas Raiders + 2.5
Baltimore Ravens - .5

BOOM!!! I do what I want! Good luck this week!

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