Yes Major League Baseball's drug policy has more teeth to it. No one can deny that. Yet no players have been fired by baseball. But an umpire reportedly has been cut loose because of drug use.

Brian Runge, a 3rd generation umpire has reportedly been axed by the league for drug use and not following through on his treatment program.

The story goes that Runge, who worked the all star game in 2012 failed a drug test. Umps also face mandatory testing. As part of the penalty for his failing the test, Runge had to comply with baseballs drug policy. Supposedly he failed to do so and is gone.

Runge is  the 1st ump canned because of drug use.

Baseball hasn't released a statement on the decision. No word yet exactly what drugs were used by Runge.

Runge had been a major league ump since 1999. His father, Paul was a big league ump from 1973-1997. His grandfather Ed was a big league ump from 1954 through 1970. Both grandfather and father worked several World Series.

Brian Runge never worked the series but did ump in 3 post season playoffs.

Baseball has called up umpire Chris Conroy to replace Runge. Conroy has worked in the big league's before, mostly as a fill in.