Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel declared for the NFL Draft on Wednesday afternoon.

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In the two years that we were privileged to watch 'Johnny Football', he threw for over 7,800 yards, 63 touchdowns and rushed for 2,169 yards and reached the endzone 30 times.

"This guy could be the most explosive quarterback in the draft this year," said NBC Sports Host Amani Toomer, with Armen Williams on 104.5 The Team. "He has the biggest upside of anybody. The way he can go out there and dictate a game, he looks like he can do whatever he wants on the football field.

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"There aren't many players out there over the last couple of years that have his command over what happens on the football field. He could be the number one quarterback taken because he's that dynamic of a playmaker."

Other have more doubts as to whether Manziel can make it at the next level:

"I don't know if it fits in to a franchise quarterback type of player," said ESPN College analyst Danny Kanell, with Williams on the Team. "I think he'll have a longer career than Tim Tebow because he's a better passer.

"But when I look at him, he's Doug Flutie 2.0. He can come in and make exciting plays but the big concern for me is durability. If he runs around and plays the way that he did in college, he will not last long.

"You have to be able to win games from the pocket and he'll have to develop in that area."

My concerns have to do with what's between the ears. If Manziel couldn't handle the hype of winning the Heisman Trophy, how's he going to behave publicly when millions of dollars get added to his bank account?

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