Sure, dealing with the most popular player in the NFL, Tim Tebow, as your backup quarterback will be a pain in the butt for Mark Sanchez.  However, there are still advantages to being the QB of the New York Jets.

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is now being linked to another well-known hottie; Eva Longoria.  There are plenty of hot rumors about Sanchez's new potential fling.  In Touch Magazine is reporting that Sanchez and the 37-year old actress have been on three top-secret dates and that they are testing the waters. 

It doesn't end there.  Oh, no.  The source mentioned that Sanchez and Longoria took a secret trip to the Caribbean together and that Longoria has even worn a blonde wig as a disguise.  Who knows if all of this is true or not, but for Sanchez's sake, I sure hope it is.  Sanchez was also linked to super-hottie Kate Upton.  It seems like ole Sanchez has a pretty good life.  Imagine if he actually plays well this year.  He might be the new Wilt.

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