Rex Ryan plans on starting Mark Sanchez in the final regular-season game against the Buffalo Bills despite a sore throwing shoulder.Mark Sanchez played well against the Chicago Bears last week despite a shoulder injury he suffered against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The injury could be due to minor cartilage damage.

Rex Ryan indicated after the Bears' game that he wouldn't start Sanchez against the Bills this Sunday.  After a good week of practice, Rex has changed his mind.

This is a bad idea to start Sanchez.  Starting Sanchez, and playing him for most of the game, would be a mistake.  He's not completely healthy.  Why risk further injury, or any injury for that matter?

If Sanchez only plays a portion of the game, do you really gain a lot?  It's not mandatory for Sanchez to develop a rhythm against the Bills.  It's not going to automatically translate into a rhythm for Sanchez and the Jets come playoff time.

Michael Vick got banged up against the Minnesota Vikings earlier this week.  He's not starting on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.  Rex Ryan should take a page from Andy Reid's book on this one. 

It's called risk / reward.  The reward of playing Sanchez for a few series against the Bills, doesn't outweigh the risk of a potential injury.  Good luck trying to find a rhythm in the playoffs if that happens.