Who doesn't love mascots dancing around all in the name of fun?  Check out this funny video of mascots dancing behind unsuspecting people.


For full disclosure, I'm not completely in touch with all of the ins and outs of Ellen DeGeneres' show.  I will see videos here and there of some of the more funny or interesting things on her show.   For instance, this Kate Upton video is definitely interesting.  Mmm, Kate. 

Anyway, apparently Ellen asks her viewers to send in videos of them dancing behind unsuspecting people.  It's called "Ellen's Dance Dare."  The benchmark is so popular that mascots jumped into the mix.  My personal favorite is the Western Kentucky mascot who is dancing behind the guy at the gym.  Too bad there wasn't a dancing mascot behind an unsuspecting Kate Upton.  Wearing a bikini.  And maybe a thong.  Just sayin.

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