On Tuesday evening, Josh McDaniels informed the Indianapolis Colts that he would be staying in New England as the offensive coordinator. So many questions come from this decision. Why would Josh McDaniels turn down a head coaching job with Indianapolis, unless he was promised more than just more money to stay in New England? I don’t know when head coach Bill Belichick is stepping down, but rest assured McDaniel’s has some idea when that day might come. Is it sooner rather than later? Do Brady and Belichick leave at the same time?

You don’t turn down NFL head coaching jobs unless you know a better one might be available down the road. Yes, McDaniels got a nice raise to remain as the offensive coordinator of the Patriots, but we all know that’s not the only reason he’s staying.

Now what's next for both sides? This move puts Indianapolis back so far as they were expected to introduce McDaniels Wednesday afternoon, now they are a month behind everyone else in the NFL who were looking for head coaches. The Patriots won this round but at what cost?


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