In preparation for UFC 196, Conor McGregor did an interview with Severe MMA in his hometown, and discussed his future going forward. McGregor will face off against Rafael Dos Anjos on March 5 for the light heavyweight title. He currently holds the featherweight strap and has his eyes on Robbie Lawler's welterweight title. He would go on to announce when he will retire.

UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor
Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

I'm coming for that belt, I'm coming for the next belt, I'm coming for the whole company.Why not go up [in weight]? They get slower, and they get less free up there, they are stiffer, they are even more stuck than the lightweight division. So I'll keep going, keep eating, keep training and keep going until all the belts are wrapped up.I'm here to fight, I'm here to win every belt and then I'm gone and then I'll see the game later, I'll walk away from this game, I'll set it ablaze and walk away.-Severe MMA

There has never been a fighter to hold multiple belts in the history of the UFC. While many believe that UFC 196 will bring the Irishman his first loss, don't count on it. Dos Anjos, is a very good fighter, but we've seen McGregor run through the featherweight division, while having being famished. He looks just as fast, and even stronger at his new weight. Other than Jon Jones, McGregor might be one of the most dominating forces the UFC has ever seen.

Watch the full interview below. Warning NSFW