It seemed bleak. It seemed unlikely. And it seemed hopeless. But in the end, the New York Mets got it done.

On Friday, news broke that the Mets had reached an agreement with Yoenis Cespedes to bring him back to New York.

The deal is for three years and $75 million. Cespedes also has a one-year opt out in his deal. Mets fans are happy, and so are celebrities who are Mets fans:

This deal is a great deal for the Mets. It helps solidify the Mets order and gives the lineup a presence, especially in the wake of the loss of Daniel Murphy to the Nationals.

Furthermore, I believe deals like this are going to continue to become the norm. The opt-out is a huge benefit to all parties. If Cespedes plays great, he can opt out and become a free agent again and search for a bigger deal, but if he doesn't play well, he gets his big money for the next two years, and the Mets aren't crippled for seven or eight years.


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