Baseball-wise? It makes perfect sense. It's at least worth a gamble.

But in general? It is a bad idea:

The Mets are struggling to keep infielders healthy. With David Wright out in the long-term and Lucas Duda injured as well, with some durability issues around Neil Walker and Wilmer Flores, going after Jose Reyes makes sense.

After being DFA'd by the Rockies, they'll eat his huge salary. He won't cost much money, and the fans in New York love him. After all, Reyes won a batting title with New York.

Sure, he's not the same player he was when he left New York, but he's a worth a gamble, baseball-wise.

But after being suspended for domestic violence allegations against his wife this off-season (charges were eventually dropped), Reyes comes in with character concerns. I agree people deserve second chances, and I agree that he's served his suspension, but I do have a problem with New York teams seeking out guys with character issues.

What do you think?