Nearly 14 years after it debuted in theater, the movie 'The Blind Side' is making headlines once again.

At the center of the news cycle is Michael Oher, a former NFL offensive tackle and the subject of the film, who recently filed a petition in a Tennessee probate court stating in-part that the story-book tale of his adoption by the Tuohy family was not accurate, and was instead part of a ploy to enrich themselves at the expense of their Ward, as the petition stated.

In light of this recent news, we wanted to share with you our conversation with Michael Oher back in June of 2023, and share our experience interacting with him at the NOVUS CAT 13 Volleyball Tournament in Latham.

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Michael Oher Joins 'The Drive' Back in June to Talk Football, 'The Blind Side'

First, here is the full conversation that Charlie Voelker and I had with Michael Oher back on June 21, 2023. Take a listen below:

Here is what we know about the current situation. Oher's petition stated that the Tuohy family had not officially adopted him (as the movie depicts), but rather had "tricked" him into signing documents that entered them into a conservatorship. As such, a conservatorship removes power from a person to make decisions for themselves.

Oher alleges that the Tuohy family has enriched themselves off of hia story in multiple ways, including money made as motivational speakers in the years since it premiered, and through royalty payments made to the family, but not Oher himself, from the movie about his own life.

The Tuohy family has denied some of the information that has come out about their relationship, and now Oher, the Tuohy's, and even the movie's actors are caught in a firestorm.

Mary Grace Sprissler / 104.5 The Team
Mary Grace Sprissler / 104.5 The Team

It's irresponsible for me to speculate, so I will refrain from doing so. Instead, I can offer you details from my encounter with Michael on this day. He was one of the nicest, most genuine and down-to-earth athletes I've ever had the chance to interview. The person that you hear in our interview above, is the same person off the microphone, as well. He was passionate about his work in the community and what's next for him, but was also more than willing to answer questions about the movie, and his experience with its production.

This is a tough situation for everyone, and hopefully, the real truth behind the story will be revealed in a short amount of time.

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