Everyday the media claims the next day the Biogensis suspensions will be announced. It truly looks like Monday will be the day the game ends and the suspensions are announced.

It is expected that up to eight players, and perhaps as many as 12 players will get some sort of suspension, starting at 50 games, and going all the way up to over 200 games (hello, Alex Rodriguez)!

The thought is that it is the negotiations with Rodriguez' lawyers that are what have held up the announcement. With the players union announcing three weeks ago they would no longer defend players when the evidence is overwhelming against them in relation to PED's, now they will only help to cut deals for the guilty players. No doubt the union is working with the players, and baseball officials, to make deals that will include suspensions with no appeals.

Then there is the most notorious of cheaters, that being A-Rod. he has vowed to fight any suspension. Baseball is hoping that after he shuts his mouth, and looks at what is believed to be a landslide of evidence against him, he will find some sense and make a deal. A deal that will include up to if not more than 200 games sitting, and possibly the end of his career as that would be two full seasons of not playing, and nobody's skills get better by sitting.

Other names being bandied about for suspension are Nelson Cruz of the Texas Rangers, Francisco Cervelli of the Yankees, Jhonny Peralta of the Tigers, and perhaps Bartolo Colon of Oakland, but he sat 50 games already due to a failed drug test. How baseball will treat those that failed a test AND had dealings with steroid peddler Tony Bosch is unknown. Will baseball try and suspend some of these players again?