As you may have heard, Goz from Levack and Goz has returned from his wedding and honeymoon this past week. In what arguably is the most fitting wedding gift for the host and his now wife, one local media personality provided this to him on air this past Tuesday.

Brittany Devane, from the CBS6 and CW15's Upstate State Sports Edge surprised Goz with two customized fanny packs during their segment. The "Mrs.Goz" and "Goz" fanny packs now are added to the collection of other fanny packs from listeners and Lily & David. The above fanny packs could be the best of the best.

Don't forget you can watch the Upstate Sports Edge every weeknight on the CW15 at 1030pm. Make sure to watch Goz for his weekly appearance on the Tuesday edition of the show. Have you missed any features from the Upstate Sports Edge from the past? Below are some of the best segments over the past few weeks.

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