Here are some fan comments following the fight:

Great Amercan fun, God this country is the greatest

Nolan kicked that ass! And tonight Rougie did too! Suck it Bautista!

Rougie brought me here. LOL

He's like here Nolan grab my head. I want you to headlock me then have your way with me.

Not really a fight. Just Nolan Ryan kicking a guy's ass.

rangers have the 2 best fights in mlb history lol

This was better than Mayweather/Pacquiao

For the rest of Ventura's career his nickname was "Speedbag".

How was that even a fight? All I saw was a man be put into a headlock and take a few butterfly punches to his head

Yeah sure I'll charge a dude who can throw like Nolan, then I'll act shocked when he beats my ass

I think Bo Jackson could have taken on everyone by himself.

nolan Ryan was 20 years older than Robin.....and kicked his ass!

That dude literally placed his head into that headlock like he wanted that beating LMAO

What in the hell possesses a man to run out at Nolan Ryan?

I remember this game. I think Ryan was 47 years old at the time.

GOAT vs. some nobody, LOL

anyone else think this looks staged? Ventura halfheartedly jogs to the mound and doesn't even swing, just kinda hugs him!

At about half way to the mound he realized he had just charged the wrong person.