I so much enjoyed listening to parts of the media and some fans ripping Kevin Garnett (aka the Big Ticket) because he wouldn't shake hands or acknowledge his former teammate Ray Allen during the Boston Celtics season opener Tuesday night when the Celtics battled the Heat.

Garnett, I say good for you and I wish there were more athletes like you! Now the politically correct and the "softies" will bemoan about "sportsmanship." Keep crying. Give me the guy who wants to pummel you and not shake your hand and that guy can play on my team.

Garnett to me is the finest "basketball warrior" since Michael Jordan and they had different styles to go with their desire to destroy you. MJ probably would shake your hand, maybe a little hug, whatever. At the same time he would be thinking "man, I am going to take you apart in just a few minutes" and scoff at his soon to be prey. The Big Ticket, well, he doesn't play that game. He is not there to be your pal and play lovey dovey. He is there to drill you into submission. Gosh, I LOVE that.

Garnett and Allen played together for 5 years, won a championship together and played for another. Both are going to the Hall of Fame in my opinion. But when it comes to playing ball and getting ready and taking his job seriously the Big Ticket is big business.

I loved how he blew Allen off who tried to extend his hand. I love the assassin attitude. KG isn't interested in being a buddy. He wants to beat you bloody.

I have said it before and I will say again I wouldn't even shake your hand after a game unless I won and unless you wanted to shake my hand.The stuff shirts and softies get all a tither over that. They actually should applaud. Garnett is there for business, the business of winning. Hey, you could have the opposite of Garnett which is that clown Alex Rodriguez. Here is a chump who could care less about how his team is doing. Just see his antics trying to pick up two women while the Yankees were playing a playoff game. Yeah, that is sportsmanship.

No sportsmanship to me is not hugging and shaking hands. It is playing within the rules and wanting to compete. Garnett to me is the best investment in basketball as far as a fan wanting to buy a ticket to see a team give max effort and want to win. He has never cheated the fans out of effort. He isn't there to clown around and be boys. He is there to do what he gets paid to do: WIN GAMES!