I predicated the Jets Up set win, and here is what i thoguht about it


I told you last week what the Jets needed to do, I told you that Tom Brady would be a bit of balanced by changing defensives.

I said the Jets need to use the run game as a decoy for Sanchez to open up his pass game, which he did to the tune of 194 yards and 3 touchdowns.  This was huge for a young Quarterback like Sanchez; he has compiled 4 playoff road wins in just 2 years and is returning to the AFC championship game.  This is how stars are made, through success, Mark Sanchez will flourish in his earl success and build a confidence that only elite quarterbacks get in there careers.

Another young player benefiting from all this playoff experience and lime light is Nick Mangold.  Mangold is on his way to yet another pro bowl following in the footsteps of his predecessor, Kevin Mawae, who appeared in 5 straight pro bowls for the Jets. Nick is becoming the most recognizable, and skilled center in the league.  At this rate Nick will be a sure fire hall of famer by his 30th birthday.

Rex Ryan is making people for get about the bad in the organization, and focus on the good.  Right now people aren’t talking about the SEXTING, FOOT FETISH, BRETT FAVRE, DWI’S, nothing. The Focus is purely on the play on the field, and the talk in the locker room.  The Revis controversy looks like a smart move, Hard Knocks looks like a great move.

The Jets are again playing with house money in the AFC Championship, but this year they beat the The team there playing with there best personnel in  the game less then a month ago, and the Jets are ready

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