It's one thing to watch the NBA Finals as a Knicks fan and say, 'Why couldn't we make it work?!' But for Long Island native and New York Post beat reporter Marc Berman to agree with the sentiment brings that perspective to a new level. 

"It’s the number one thing on my mind," said Berman, with Armen and Levack, when asked if he thinks of what could have happened with the Knicks while covering the Finals.

"[Timofey] Mosgov and [Carmelo Anthony] were never teammates, but I was angry at the fact that he had so much potential. The Knicks discovered him in Russia. This guy isn’t a draft pick he was just playing in the pro leagues and he was obscure."

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Melo, on the other hand, can be directly blamed for the lack of synergy between he and Smith in New York. Sure, Smith has had bonehead moments in Cleveland, but sure seems to buy into what the team message is more than he ever did with the Knicks.

"When I was in Cleveland doing a pre series story, I asked J.R. [Smith] what the difference was in playing with Lebron [James] and playing with Melo. He's great friends with Melo so he wasn’t going to take any shots.

"He said Lebron is arguably the best player to play the game, and Melo is arguably the best scorer in the game, that’s it. He is only a great scorer, doesn’t make anyone else better, not a leader in the locker room."

Have we seen any improvement in Melo?

"I think he has changed and humbled these past two years, granted he has been injured, but I think we will see a different Melo next season. But to see Lebron lead this role player band to the championship, three games away, if he pulls it off it will be more than MJ ever accomplished in a single season by far."

Let's not also forget about Iman Shumpert, who shot a deadly three in overtime during game two of the NBA Finals, which the Cavaliers ended up winning by two points.

"Its so ironic that J.R. and Shump are great players but Melo just couldn’t get the best out of them, and Lebron loves those two guys. He's friends with those guys and it is a great chemistry in the locker room. I was in the locker room for the second round clincher for the Cavs and I saw the great chemistry.  And I don't know if it was real friendship with Melo, J.R. and Shump."

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