It's been well documented that Albany High School football has had a lack of success on the field over the last several years.

The Falcons won just one game this season -- and have not had a winning season since 2005. But they've found the man to turn around the program.

Joey DiPiazza, a longtime worker in the Albany School District, was announced as the school's next head coach last week, and he's already bringing a new attitude to the culture.

"What an honor, and I feel special to be part of it." DiPiazza told Brady Farkas on Tuesday.  "I can't tell you how excited myself and my family are for this opportunity."

DiPiazza formerly served as the school's head baseball coach and helped turn the Falcons into a Big 10 power. He hopes to have the same success in turning around the football program.

DiPiazza spoke to us about the desire to make playing football at Albany High a rewarding experience, and that his staff will aim to create better football players, better students, and better young men.


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