The details are still coming out on how Aaron Hernandez is involved in a Boston homicide.  Here is what we know.

State Police in Massachusetts searched the home of New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez last night in connections with a homicide.  A 27 year old Boston man was found dead Monday less than half a mile from Hernandez’s house.  A rented vehicle with Rhode Island plates is said to be connected with the homicide. Sources say the vehicle is tied to Hernandez’s name.

Though police are saying he is not a suspect, they did talk with him on Monday.  No details on this conversation have been revealed.

After arriving at his house, police took 2 males away from the house for questioning after they tried to leave when police arrived.  There is no update on what these two gentlemen discussed with police.

There is no comment from his agency or Lawyer.  The NE Patriots have not commented either.

Stay tuned!  As details unfold, I will update you!

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