The NFL free agency rumor mill is still churning out headlines, and yesterday, the mill spit out an interesting rumor about the New York Jets.

Thursday, we heard a rumor that free agent Ezekiel Elliott had a "wish list" of three teams with which he'd like to sign: the Cincinnati Bengals, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets. The Jets, for those that do not know, already have a few strong running backs on their roster.

Those running backs weren't overly pleased with the rumors about "Zeke" yesterday, either.

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'Zeke' Free Agency Rumors Irk New York Jets' Young Running Backs

A story in The New York Post shared an update on the Ezekiel Elliott free agency "wish-list" rumors, and specifically, the reactions of current New York Jets' running backs when the rumors began to swirl.

In a since-deleted tweet, rising sophomore running back Breece Hall voiced his opinion on the rumor, tagging fellow Jets' RB Michael Carter in the tweet:

As noted in the Post, Carter, meanwhile, retweeted himself from a day earlier: “the disrespect will end.”

Breece Hall / Getty Images
Breece Hall / Getty Images

This is a very tenuous situation with these young Jets' running backs, and one that New York has to navigate carefully. The Jets built a great deal of momentum during the 2022 season, and seem poised for another jump entering 2023. Hall was injured midway through his rookie campaign, but if he's able to bounce back this coming season, he could become the game's next elite rusher.

Michael Carter may not be able to produce at Hall's level, but he's a strong change-of-pace running back with the Jets, and clearly, seems close with Hall off-the-field. If you're New York, why would you risk your relationship with both young players by signing Zeke?

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Ezekiel Elliott / Getty Images

Here's the one issue that the team still faces: Woody Johnson remains the Jets' owner, and as such, he's liable to chase the "shiny object" player instead of prioritizing the players he already has under contract.

Johnson did just that with the signing of Brett Favre, and seems poised to do it again with Aaron Rodgers. Would he double-down on his aggression with the signing of Ezekiel Elliott?

If you're a Jets' fan, then hopefully not.

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