NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, has felt pressure from fans to raise the penalty of unlawful actions of the league's players off the field. I'm willing to bet, Goodell and others never would have guessed they would have to potentially deal with an NFL player getting arrested over his hat. Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Marquis Bundy was arrested after getting into an altercation with Scottsdale police after leaving a night club. Bundy claimed he was asked to take his hat off when entering the club. Upon his ext, Bundy went to retrieve his hat and it was no where to be found. The video below is courtesy of TMZ and shows Bundy's friends attempting to get him away from the police so that he would not be arrested. Eventually Bundy is taken to jail by the Scottsdale police. The second year pro from New Mexico State did not register an offensive stat for the Cardinals last season. What do you make of the arrest video? Let us know below.

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