Games,games, and more games. You gotta love it and who doesn't. Well employers don't but that's another story for a different day. Unlike my Football picks I have a great track record picking NCAA Tournament games. Well at least the 1st round. LOL.

So here are my picks for the final 4, some upsets in the 1st 2 rounds, and my champion.

1st some quick hits. I want Kentucky to lose. No nothing against the blue grassers, Coach Cal, or the players. I don't like  recruiting with intent to get 1 year and done players. If a player wants to leave I may not like it but I am cool with it. Heck I wanted to make money also when I was going to college and if a radio station came calling I would have bailed also. Course they didn't so I did the 6 year plan. Not kidding. Again another day for that story. I want Kentucky to lose.

Here is another and go ahead and call me well whatever. I don't have  the guts to pick LIU on my show bracket to beat Michigan State but I did submit that on 1 of my pool brackets. This game will be close. The Blackbirds have last years tough loss to North Carolina to bolster their confidence and Sparty I am thinking will have  a letdown after beating Ohio State for the big 10 tourney title. They will have all those great wins and games they played this year and think what the heck is a Blackbird and where is Brooklyn. Also better to get them early. So history can be made and I am the only giving the Birds a shot. No 16 seed has ever beaten a 1 seed but it will happen some time. Today could be that time!

Other upsets in round 1 I like. Montana to take down Wisconsin. NC State to topple SD State. Long Beach State to shock New Mexico, Southern Miss to beat Kansas State (yes a 9 beats an 8-big whoop) Virginia defeats Florida, Xavier over Notre Dame, also St Looie to beat Memphis and Alabama to beat Creighton.

In fact I have the Beach (long beach state) beating New Mexico and Louisville and getting to the great 8. The Beach played a killer non conference schedule and did well.

On my show bracket and that is the 1 I will brag on or be humiliated by my sweet 16 is this: In the East Syracuse (Still tons of talent even without Melo), Vanderbilt, Florida State, and Ohio State. I have Vandy and Florida State advancing and FSU going to the final 4.

In the Midwest I am riding North Carolina, Michigan, NC State, and yes St Marys (will upset over rated Kansas) UNC and St Marys to get to the final 8 and Carolina out of that region.

Moving to the West: Michigan State (on this sheet cause I have no guts to take LIU on this sheet) Long Beach State, BYU (yes the mighty Mormans  beat Marquette and Murray State, and my last pick for the 16 Missouri. The last 8 will be LB State and Missouri.

Lastly in the South  I am taking Indiana to out Kentucky in the sweet 16, I like Baylor and Duke. the  last 2 remaining in the South will be Indiana and Baylor.

Ok to the final 4. Baylor, Missouri, Florida State and North Carolina. I think Florida State will then beat Carolina for the 3rd time this year and Mizzou will defeat the Baylor Bears.

So my championship game will be Florida State and Missouri with the Tigers of  Mizzou standing at the end. Ok go ahead and laugh and pick it apart but remember if upsets and history and the unthinkable didn't happen it wouldn't be March Madness it would be March predictable!