Another sign of spring is when training begins in Saratoga but so far this season we haven't had any sign of spring! With 30 degree temperatures becoming the norm in the Saratoga area, horse vans are beginning to flood the Saratoga streets along with the rain and snow. Opening day is here!

Now most of us hear Opening day and we think it's late July...But even thought the weather screams early November, Mid-April is when the Saratoga racing season truly begins. On a cold morning in Saratoga, only one trainer was on the grounds for Opening day. According to the Times Union's horse racing insider Tim Wilkin, Phil Gleaves was the only trainer on the grounds for Opening day. Originally from England, Gleaves came over to the U.S. in his late teens as an exercise rider for famous trainers Lucien Laurin (Secretariat) and Woody Stephens (won 5 consecutive Belmont Stakes in the 1980's). Gleaves has 9 horses on the Saratoga grounds but none will train on Monday after a 22-hour ride from Florida over the weekend.

Many trainers will begin sending their horses to Saratoga from Florida and Kentucky after their meets end in the next few weeks. Even with the lack of warm weather, Opening day of training in Saratoga is a signal that Spring and Summer are not far away. It's alright racing fans, only 95 days till they're off at Saratoga!!


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