It isn't a day New England Patriot fans will remember fondly, along with the organization. A few minutes before Aaron Hernandez will be back in court on Wednesday afternoon, Patriots coach Bill Belichick will address the media masses for the 1st time since his tight end was 1st arrested for allegedly murdering a man.

1st on the Hernandez front. he returns to court to face a probable cause hearing. Prosecutors in the case will be looking to limit the evidence they must present at this time, hoping and expecting that they can hold much back for a later date.

News reports out of Boston also claim that Hernandez is now being investigated for possibly being involved in a double murder that took place in 2012.

Hernandez was arrested for allegedly being the trigger man in the cold blooded murder of Odin Llyod, a friend of Hernandez. A motive for the killing hasn't been announced as of yet as prosecutors continue building what they hope will be an air tight case. 2 of Hernandez's associates are also under arrest and appear to be co-operating to some degree in the case against Hernandez.

Hernandez pled not guilty to 1st degree murder in an earlier court hearing.

While this plays out in the court room, it will be funeral like at the Patriots complex. Bill Belichick, who never says anything, and puts everyone to sleep while saying nothing, will be addressing the media for the 1st time since this mess started. One can only imagine how snooze  fest Belichick will handle the questions sure to come his way.

After Hernandez's arrest many stories have filtered into the media what kind of guy Hernandez supposedly is. Not many were flattering. Many of his ex team mates have been silent. He has had some support, and a few who have talked have not been complimentary of Hernandez. It will be fascinating to see how Belichick talks about his former tight end, who did a nice job on the field for the Pats, but apparently was a miscreant off the football field.

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