WIth Masahiro Tanaka announcing that he could miss his opening day start, many assumed that 27-year-old Michael Pineda would fill the void. This was until Pineda showed up to spring training looking like he ate Michael Pineda.


There has been no official weight announced, but the starting pitcher looks like he skipped more than just leg day this offseason. Pineda has battled injuries his whole career, and has yet to pitch over 171 innings in a single season. The Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild, announced last week that the team hopes he can pitch "200 innings" this season. “Progressing from what he did last year, it’s a possibility for sure,” Rothschild said Sunday of Pineda’s goal. “To do that, you have to stay healthy just about entirely the length of the season.

I'm assuming that Rothschild, hasn't had a chance to see his new billboard pitcher. In the start of last season Pineda reported in at 6 foot 7 inches weighing 260 pounds. The picture above shows the pitcher clearly out of shape.

There's no excuse for players to come into spring training this out of shape. With the amount of inconsistency that the pitching rotation has, this one will surely upset manager Joe Girardi, as this could have been avoided.

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