As long as I've known UAlbany Head Football coach Greg Gattuso one thing has been very clear, the man hates drama. So the fact that there's a full blown Quarterback battle going on for the Great Danes starting signal caller must be driving him crazy. Gattuso has been clear that the job was Red shirt Sophomore Will Brunson's to lose but due to the performance of Brunson and transfer Red Shirt Junior Vincent Testaverde, the job is up for grabs.

According to the Times Union coach Gattuso has said:

 “The quarterback spot is wide open.” Both QB's are saying all the right things:

“Coming in as a new transfer, I’m glad that [Gattuso] gave me the opportunity to compete for the starting job,” said Testaverde, who arrived last fall from Miami. “I’m just going to be consistent, do whatever I can do to win the job.”

He added: “But, yeah, I’m happy.”

“We’re just trying to work hard every single day to try to make each other better,” Brunson said, “and the best guy’s going to be out there.”

Each of the QB's taking the competition in stride can only make the Great Danes better. Gattuso's offense will benefit from whichever of these two men are able to separate from the other.  This is Testaverde's third school and if he wins the starting job no doubt it'll be his last. Meanwhile Brunson has time in the offense and has been learning under Gattuso his short college career.

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