Although it may be shocking to most that the New York Yankees didn't make a huge splash at the trade deadline, the Yankees future couldn't look any brighter.  General Manager Brian Cashman stood pat at the deadline unwilling to give up his top prospects for an immediate need.  Was this the right decision?  Absolutely.  Here's why:

The Yankees were able to keep [perhaps] their next core four which includes RHP Luis Severino, OF Aaron Judge, SS Jorge Mateo, and 1B Greg Bird.  Those players are all expected to be impact players once they join the big league club.  Severino is expected to make his debut on Wednesday against the Red Sox at the stadium.  Judge and Bird are expected in the majors next season, while Mateo, perhaps the most coveted by other major league clubs, is at least two years away.

In spring training, the Yankees farm system was bashed by nearly everyone for their lack of depth, but now the tables have turned drastically.  The Yankees farm system now ranks close to the top 10 on most lists by prospective baseball writers.

So why were the Yankees unwilling to part with these four prospects?  These players are going to make an impact in the majors.  Severino is a top of the rotation starter with filthy stuff.  His arsenal includes a mid-90s fastball, a sweeping slider, and a devastating change-up that has fooled hitters at every level he's played.  Judge has been compared to Miami Marlins OF Giancarlo Stanton with his ability to drive the ball out of the park.  He also has a great outfield arm that is sure to keep runners in check. Mateo is a speedster.  He's stolen over 70 bases in 140 minor league games this season and will most likely develop his hitting as he moves up the system.  Bird is undoubtedly the future replacement for Mark Teixeira, with an average glove with 30+ homerun potential.  His left-handed power fits Yankee Stadium perfectly and would fit beautifully in the middle of the Yankees future lineup.  These guys should be on your radar the next few years as they look to make the major league club.

Outside of Cashman's four "untouchable" prospects, the Yankees have plenty of depth.  We've already seen the likes of Rob Refsnyder and Jacob Lindgren on the big league roster; both of which performing well at times.  But lets not forget some of the other players that give this system its depth.  Players like 2015 first-round pick Jason Kaprielian, 3B Eric Jagielo, C Gary Sanchez, and LHP Ian Clarkin.  Kaprielian is a future rotation man that could get to the majors quickly with his incredible game management on the mound.  These guys are the future pieces that the Yankees look to fill in between their top prospects and expect to win multiple championships with.

So was this quiet deadline for the Yankees a good thing?  Yes it was.  By the time a lot of these guys are in the majors many of the players on the team now will be gone, which means their contracts are off the books (CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran, and Brian McCann) and allows the Yankees to sign impending free-agents [ideally Bryce Harper] to play alongside their young talent.  Although it may not pay off immediately, in the long run the Yankees are in great shape.