Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark didn’t exactly treat Robert Griffin III with kid cloves on Sunday.  Watch RGIII get lit up.

Thank you, Ryan Clark.  Thank you.  Teams that use their quarterbacks at other positions are begging to have their most valuable asset get pulverized.  However, it often doesn’t happen.  Teams will line up their quarterback at wide receiver sometimes while defense barely touch him.  I can be heard yelling, “HIT HIM,” whenever this is the case.

Thankfully, Ryan Clark saw an opportunity to smack RGIII legally and took full advantage.  Clark waxed the rookie QB who actually got whistled for offensive pass interference on the play.  I think Mike Shanahan is a hypocrite for stating that RGIII has to learn how to not take additional punishment after he sustained a concussion against the Atlanta Falcons, yet RGIII routinely is put in positions by the coaching staff to take additional punishment.  The Steelers (and their brutal uniforms) were able to beat RGIII and the Redskins 27-12.

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