Sam Perkins spent nearly 20 years in the NBA playing for the Mavericks, Lakers, Sonics, and Pacers. He's also a Shaker High School graduate and Capital Region product.

We brought in Perkins today to talk about the NBA Finals and his reaction to seeing LeBron win a title for Cleveland. We also asked him about the state of the NBA. Does he like seeing the game played with so much emphasis on the outside shot? Furthermore, he played with Michael Jordan in college - could he tell that MJ was destined for greatness and is LeBron in the same category?

Furthermore, Perkins played against the 95-96 Bulls that the Warriors were compared to all year. How good was that MJ-led team?

Finally, we asked Perkins what his fondest memories of the Capital Region are and what he misses about the area.

LISTEN HERE as we speak to former NBA and Olympian Sam Perkins: