Mike from Shmaltz Brewing joined us today to go over some of the coolest beers you can sample on Saturday at Saratoga Brew Fest. We sampled four beers from Shmaltz and your can hear our reaction to them here.

There were two beers I've had before and two brand new brews. The two we knew and love were Slingshot and Hop MANNA. The two new brews are exclusive to New York, "838 Plump Monk" and "518 Saratoga Sunrise."  I strongly recommend you make a trip or three to the Shmaltz table at Saratoga Brew Fest.

The 8th annual Saratoga Brewfest is returning on Saturday, May 19th for the biggest and best Brewfest yet! Make your way to the winner’s circle as you race through the best selection of craft beers you’ve ever seen in Saratoga. With more than 160 craft beers from 80+ breweries available to sample, there’s no telling which brew will be the front-runner.

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