Happy Thanksgiving! In between the eating and socializing with family, we'll all undoubtedly sneak away to the couch to watch some football!

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Unlike past Turkey Days, the first game of the afternoon could actually be entertaining and has meaning!

It's the first time since 2000 that the Lions have been favored (-1) in a Thanksgiving Day game. Wow, that puts into perspective just how long they have been really bad.
Anyway, moving on - here are the Thanksgiving Day games:

Packers at Lions

Raiders at Cowboys

Steelers at Ravens

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The first game has an NFC North battle, second one has NFC East ramifications and the final Thanksgiving night match-up will have Jets fans watching closely as both Pittsburgh and Baltimore are in the thick of things in the AFC Wild Card picture.

OK, so now you know when the games are today. Now, go eat. A lot.

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