Going into the first day of "March Madness" the clear cut favorite to go #1 in the NBA Draft regardless of who had the pick was Duke Freshman Zion Williamson. There are some that believe after Sophomore Guard Temetrius Jamal "Ja" Morant lead Murray St to an upset win over Big East power Marquette in round one of the Tourney, he should be the top pick. You can count Ja's dad among that group.

Now obviously you'd expect a player's dad to have the take that his kid deserves to be the top pick but he may not be alone in his view. Morant has been climbing up mock NBA Draft's and in many has begun to supplant Zion's Duke teammate RJ Barrett as the second pick. Will Ja Morant's performance in the NCAA Tournament make team's at least consider passing on Zion? Not likely but being number two in the draft just got a little more bearable.

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