As much as you'd like to think, Derek Jeter will not be the Yankees shortstop forever.

And that's not such a bad thing.

When asked about Jeter yesterday at a FanFest Event, Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman said he'd be "surprised if he played shortstop all four years. I see him moving to the outfield. But we don't have to deal with it at this point," Cashman explained. "We'll deal with it when we have to."

But let's deal with it now, shall we?

Let's face the facts, Jeter will be 37-years old in June – and 41 by the time his new 4-year deal comes to an end.  Anyone who really knows the game of baseball is very aware that Derek has become a liability at shortstop.

Eventually, Jeter will have to move from his shortstop spot to something a little easier on him - no one can dispute that he is in decline.

I don't care that he won a Gold Glove again last year - his fielding skills are deteriorating every year.  Sooner, rather than later, he will be a liability at shortstop.

Where else can he go?

He can’t move to 3rd base – ARod will be there for the next 7 years! So that’s not an option.  The Yanks can’t move him to 1st base either – Mark Teixeira is signed until 2016 (he signed an 8-year deal prior to the 2009 season).  Jeter will NEVER play DH on a regular basis.   A guy that thinks he should be paid $25 to play SS as a 37-year old will not give up being in the field everyday.  Nor should he.

I’m glad Cashman spoke up! That's his job - to do what's in the best interest for the club - not in the best interest for a soon-to-be 37-year old with declining skills at short.

George Steinbrenner was a big Jeter fan - but that doesn't mean the boss would allow him to remain at short when it’s obvious his range isn’t what it used to be.