Last night, the Boston Red Sox won their fourth World Series title in fourteen years as they finished off their series with the Los Angeles Dodgers. This year's Red Sox team won one hundred eight regular season games and eleven postseason games. Only two teams in MLB history have won more games combined in a single season.The 1998 New York Yankees 125 wins and the 2001 Seattle Mariners 120 wins. During their playoff run, the Red Sox defeated a 100 win Yankee team, the defending World Series champion Houston Astros and won four of five to defeat the reigning National League champion Los Angeles Dodgers. I was fortunate enough to watch this Boston Red Sox play in person back in July. I did not get to see either the 2001 Seattle Mariners or 1998 New York Yankees play in person. For me, this is the best team I have seen at the MLB play in person.

Where do you rank the 2018 Boston Red Sox when it comes to all time great MLB teams in history? Let us know below.

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