The Jimmy Patsos era is over at Siena College and players aren't the only ones leaving the program. One of the assistants under Patsos has taken a head coaching position with his Alma Mater Macalester College. Two year assistant coach Abe Woldeslassie is taking his talents to the Great North.  According to CBS Sports' John Rothstein Abe Woldeslassie has accepted the Head Coaching job with Macalester College.

Woldeslassie graduated Division III Macalester College in St. Paul Minnesota and spent the last two years as an assistant coach under Jimmy Patsos. There's no telling if the way the Patsos' Era ended how it will effect the future jobs of the assistants but if Abe Woldeslassie is any indication things might be alright.

No word as of now on the futures of Patsos, Greg Manning, Jordan Watson or Pete Durr. As of this moment all but Patsos are still on the Siena website. Though it is unlikely the new coach, whomever it may be would retain them.

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