Okay, so you're getting ready to fill out your NCAA Tournament brackets and you're struggling to pick upsets, choose game-by-game winners or even pick your Final Four.

I've got your solution.

Here are 4 easy tips for picking your brackets.  I'm not guaranteeing you a victory in your office pool but I am saying you will feel good about yourself in the morning after listening to me.

  • Go with your gut.
    • When filling out my bracket, I go through all the matchups once and then fill out the games I feel confident in - just based on first glace.
    • After that, you will probably have a few games still remaining.  Don't worry, just go with the team that you first thought would win.  That's usually right.
  • Don't get too cute, pick the favorites:
    • In the last 10 years, 27 of the past 40 Final Four teams were either #1 or #2 seeds.
    • Picking a  #6 or #7 seed to knock out a #2 or a #5 or #8 to take out a #1 will ruin your bracket.
      • If that doesn't happen, say goodbye to your bracket and watch as the office receptionist wins it all.
  • Remember college basketball's Theory of Sinkativity
    • You need at least one All-American and two All-League players to win it all.  Period.
      • 9 of the last 10 National Champions had at least 2 future NBA 1st Round draft picks on their roster (the only exception to the rule is last year's Duke Blue Devils - who still might if either Nolan Smith and Kyrie Irving get taken this June).
  • Don't let the last 24-48 hours completely influence your entire bracket.
    • Wisconsin looked awful in their loss to Penn State in the Big 10 Quarterfinals, but the Badgers' RPI is 15th and also ended Ohio State's dream of a perfect season back in February.  Don't pick them to lose early on because of just one game.
    • UNC was a potential #1 seed until losing to Duke in the ACC Championship on Sunday.  But the Tar Heels RPI is 6, they're the ACC Regular Season champions and have a huge front line.  Please don't be fooled by the most recent results.

Remember people, your picking games for your office pool.  You're not choosing a college major, you're not solving world hunger or you're not figuring out how to make all energy green.  Just have fun!

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