The New York Knicks all-star forward Carmelo Anthony is in Puerto Rico with his teammates for a Melo foundation event. While there the 11-year veteran admitted that this team is not yet a championship caliber team.

“I don’t expect to win a championship this year,” Anthony said, according to an article posted on . “That is something that takes time, and everything has to be synchronized, from the front office to the players. We have a lot of work to do, but that is something that motivates me. I know we can start creating the basis for what we want to accomplish eventually. And this is a great start for the process.”

Seeing how the Knicks only won 37 games last year, this is probably the only comments Anthony could've made without being criticized and ridiculed.

Anthony has always been known as a pudgy player that has never taken great care of his body. Anthony put up this picture showing that the teams time in Puerto Rico isn't all play.