If you think Penn State was having trouble attracting a good candidate to replace Joe Paterno, you might think again. Despite the problems that lie ahead fixing a broken Penn State football team the Lions don't seem to be hurting attracting several good coaching candidates. Seems Mike Munchak a PSU grad might jump from the NFL's Tennessee Titans to his alma mater after all. Munchak is said to be torn between trying to fix the mess and PSU or staying with the Titans.

For my money I can appreciate school spirit and the desire to overcome huge odds but in my opinion Munchak would be nuts to leave relative security for choppy waters that PSU presents. If it was just replacing Joe Pa that would be tough itself, add the Sandusky disaster and wow that will be tough to deal with. Munchak isn't the only solid candidate so it appears. Patriot offensive co-ordinator Bill O'Brien is said to be a top choice as is Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano who was an assistant at PSU at 1 time. The last we saw O'Brien he was arguing then making up with Tom Brady while Schiano may feel he has taken Rutgers as far as he can.


All of these fella's have a nice resume and  a degree of success that would be a big boon to the Nittany Lions. Personally I am not sure any of these guys really understands the trials and tribulations waiting ahead for whomever takes over this program but they better make sure they get a really nice contract with time to remake the program to appease those that are disgusted with the  Sandusky disaster. It won't be easy.

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