Earlier today from Atlanta, Levack and Goz were joined by Sports Illustarted writer Andy Benoit. The early part of the interview discussed how Tom Brady and the New England Patriots continue to have consistent success in the playoffs year after year. What does Sean McVay do with his offensive sets that have made other NFL defensives struggle against his Rams? What are some of the best on field matchups to look forward to in Super Bowl 53? Plus we asked Andy to evaluate the New York quarterbacks after year one? Is Josh Allen primed to have an even better season in 2019? What do the New York Jets need to do this off season to help Sam Darnold? Plus what does Andy Benoit believe the New York Giants should do with Eli Manning? To hear the complete interview, click on the link below.

What do you make of Andy Benoit's comments on Eli Manning? Do you agree with his evaluation? Let us know your thoughts below. Don't forget to follow Levack and Goz all week long from Radio Row in Atlanta

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