The recent injury to closer Andrew Miller may turn out to be a devastating blow to not only the New York Yankees bullpen, but the entire team as well.  With Ellsbury on the DL since May 19th and the concern on the arms of a few pitchers, the teams health may be the most important factor when it comes to the team's playoff hopes.

Legendary Yankees radio play-by-play voice, John Sterling, joined Armen and Levack to explain just how important the health of the players on this team is.

“If you could tell me that the key players will stay healthy all year then yes, I would predict the playoffs. The funny thing about the Yankees, if everyone is healthy, is that they have a terrific playoff team," Sterling said.

"They have 2 studs on the top of their rotation, Tanaka and Pineda and two guys in the playoffs who will pitch the final three innings, Betances and Miller and they have kind of a gritty team, the Yankees. So, I think they could do very well but I can’t give you a prediction because I have no idea who is going to be injured and that is the whole key to it."

Sterling's analysis is spot on.  In order for the Yankees to compete in such a tight division, Joe Girardi's ability to rest players and still manage to get wins will really come into play.  All teams have to battle with injuries, but this particular Yankees team needs to be at their best at the most important time of the year.  And that is down the stretch as the playoffs near.


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