Watching this video made me think one thing; Steve Nash is one weird dude.  It might make you think the same thing.

Steve Nash is one of the most random dudes in the NBA.  Although he's weird, Nash is still one of the coolest guys in the league.  I'm not sure how that works.  Steve Nash can make a dorky video of himself jumping around in a Batman costume, yet he's still cool.  Hey, the guy has game.  It's a good thing that Nash is still an NBA star which helps overshadow his dorkiness.  Note to self; become an NBA star.

Steve Nash might be able to use his unique style of acting now that he'll be playing in Los Angeles.  The 38-year old point guard agreed to a sign-and-trade deal worth a reported $27 million over three years that will send him to the Los Angeles Lakers.  Could Steve Nash be the next Batman?  Michael Keaton.  Val Kilmer.  George Clooney.  Christian Bale.  Steve Nash?  Nah, ain't happenin'.  Nash's acting skills aren't exactly as sharp as his NBA game.

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