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Should Bonds, Clemens And Sosa Be Hall Of Famers?
Earlier today, the National Baseball Hall of Fame announced the 37-man ballot for the 2013 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Among the 24 first-year eligible players are notable "suspected steroid users" Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa...
Barry Bonds – Hall of Famer?
Former MLB outfielder Barry Bonds is the sport's all-time "Home Run King," but his name and statistics have obviously been tarnished with his connections to performance-enhancing drugs. Bonds believes he is a definite Hall of Famer, but what do you think...
Bonds Veridct Has Me Conflicted.
Talk about being conflicted by a judicial decision but the decision to have Barry Bonds confined to house arrest has me torn. I have to be honest. I can't stand Bonds. Might be the most unsavory athlete in my lifetime. Virtually everything about Bonds makes me ill...
Barry Bonds Avoids Jail Time
Barry Bonds will remain a  free man  and will be  unpunished while he appeals his conviction for giving misleading testimony before a grand jury.  
A federal judge handed Bonds a sentence of 30 days of house arrest, two years of probation and 250 hours of community service on…
Who’s Hated More: LeBron James or Barry Bonds?
Now that LeBron James and the Miami Heat are in the NBA Finals, the LeBron haters are out in full force.
Quite frankly, it's disgusting.  I don't get it.  But that brings up a great question.
Which athlete is hated more - LeBron James or Barry Bonds?
Manny Is A Hall Of Famer
You can say what you want about Manny Ramirez - quitter, cheater or wacko.
I say he's a Hall of Famer.  No doubt about it.
Bonds Will Be Found Not Guilty
The Barry Bonds perjury trial is going on right now.  Ho-Hum.  But when the dust (clean and) clears, I really think Barry Bonds will be found NOT guilty.
I'm not saying he didn't do steroids and lie about it.  He totally was juicing!  All I'm saying is this jur…
Steroids And The Hall Of Fame
It's one of the most debated topics in sports - and even if you don't like baseball, you have an opinion.
So do the "alleged" steroid users belong in the Baseball Hall of Fame?