David Ortiz

Black Cloud Over Big Papi
Heading into Game 6 of the World Series, there are black clouds over David Ortiz with many wanting to know how he's batting .733 in the Fall Classic.
Ortiz was included in a report in 2009 that had over 100 MLB players that had used illegal substances...
Fenway Fiasco
And again the baseball world was centered around Alex Rodriguez.  And again it was Yankees-Red Sox.  And again it was at Fenway Park.
Big Sloppy
David Ortiz was less than thrilled with a strike call on a 3-0 pitch during his seventh inning at-bat in last night's game between the Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles. The pitch looked high, but was ruled a strike. Later in the at-bat, Ortiz struck out swinging, visibly distracted by the bad ca…
2 Mega Delays. 1 Wasted Loss For The Yankees
Who is doing the weather forecasting these days for the New York Yankees?
For some reason the Yankees-Redsox Game Sunday night, in front of a national TV audience  with a great pitchers duel on tap turned into a fiasco of epic proportions...
David Ortiz’s F-Bomb At Red Sox Game Approved By FCC Chair
A day after the city of Boston was locked down under a 'shelter-in-place' order while a massive manhunt captured the last suspect at large in last Monday's Boston Marathon bombings, the Boston Red Sox held extended pregame ceremonies at Fenway Park on Saturday to honor the memory of the victims of t…

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