Phoenix Suns point guard and ex-Kentucky player, Eric Bledsoe was asked if the Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team played the Philadelphia 76ers in a seven game series who would win? Listen Below

“I think Philly would get probably, maybe one game. I know they’re (Sixers fans) gonna be mad, but I love my Wildcats.“ said Bledsoe

The average NBA team has 4.9 former McDonald's All-Americans on its roster, and several have as few as one or two.

The Wildcats have NINE! You can say what you want but if you give me nine McDonald All-Americans, I'll take my odds against most teams. Five of these players we're ranked in last years draft as a lottery pick, or are ranked in this year's lottery.

While many of you think it's not even a question, I ask you to compare the rosters and reconsider your answer.

Who would win a seven-game series, the 76ers or the Wildcats?

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