Two quotes surfaced on ESPN New York earlier today, one from each of the offensive coordinators who have an office at Metlife Stadium. Despite the similar job, the quotes themselves, couldn't have been more different.

Let's start with Mike LaFleur, offensive coordinator of the New York Jets, who is currently in his rookie season at the helm of the team's offense. Here's what he had to say about his offense, courtesy of ESPN's Rich Cimini:

"I look at that as coaching. When guys aren't executing, you have to figure out what's going wrong. What are the players not hearing that is not allowing execution? I challenged myself and challenged the coaches: How can we make it easier? How can you say it in a way that allows the guys to understand it better?" - Mike LaFleur via ESPN's Rich Cimini on ESPN New York

On the other hand, we have Jason Garrett, offensive coordinator for the New York Giants, who is currently in his second year with the team. Unlike LaFleur, Garrett has over a decade of NFL coaching experience, including his time as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys from 2011 through 2019.

Here's what he said, courtesy of ESPN's Jordan Raanan:

Jason Garrett on whether they need to start scoring points immediately in order to remain the play-caller: "I don't really think about that," he said. "We just have to get better." - Jason Garrett via ESPN's Jordan Raanan on ESPN New York

Two coaches in similar positions, but with very different takes on their winless teams.

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LaFleur has taken the pressure off of his rookie quarterback, Zach Wilson, and his development into a legitimate NFL quarterback. More importantly, however, he's taking responsibility for his group, and for play calls that haven't put them in the best position to succeed. For a rookie OC, this is a veteran move.

Garrett, however, has made the choice to follow a more selfish path. He didn't necessarily point fingers, but didn't take the hit for play-calling or anything within his control. He simply said the group has to get better, which points to everyone and no one at the same time.

Look, Jason Garrett is an experienced football mind, and has led entire teams for multiple years. I would've preferred if he was the one to take the blame, taking a bit of pressure off of a Giants team that is still in the process of growing together as a unit. I commend LaFleur for putting his neck on the line, and hope that Garrett will one day do the same for his offense.

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