It's time to change  the dictionary again. A new word has to be added. Tebowed is the sports word of the year. The definition-playing horrible for 50ish minutes only to find some magic in the last 10 minutes or so and lead your team to victory. Thursday night the Jets got Tebowed joining  a group that includes the Oakland Raiders and the Miami Dolphins and the KC Chiefs. Wow that's some group of power houses--NOT. For 56 minutes Tim Tebow was awful topped by Mark Sanchez who was lousy for the entire 60 minutes. Is there a Jet fan whose stomach didn't start to turn after the Broncos got the ball with 3+ minutes left because I know mine did. I just felt that we were about to get Tebowed and so it went. The Broncs went empty backfield and the Jets went home empty feeling. Tebow finished with 9 completions-2 of them on the last drive. Sandwiched in there Tebow runs right-left-center for 15 yards-9yards-5 yards-3 yards you getting the picture. The Jets defense was no match for  this force. Shame on the Jets. How could you not know that Tebow would dominate the ball yet they didn't defense for it.

Let's get to Jet QB Mark Sanchez. Time is running short for the former 1st round pick and patience is running thin. Not that you can blame Sanchez entirely for this season gone astray but as the highest profile player on a high profile team he will get the lions share of the blame and based on Thursday's game rightfully so. 24/40 doesn't seem that bad but it was. That Pick 6 right to Andre Goodman was plain brutal and changed the ballgame. I predicted an ugly 13-10 Jet victory. Oh I got the ugly part right. Right now the Jets are a bad club  and a HUGE disappointment. The time to re-tool this team is coming and coming fast. Right now the Jets lose head to head for a playoff spot to Denver,New England,Baltimore,Oakland. I almost feel like reciting Jim Mora "playoffs". For all intents and purposes the Jets  got Tebowed out of the post season fun Thursday night in Denver by this lousy yet magical force called

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