This Yankees regular season will mark the first in which they will share the field with another team.  That other team is from Major League Soccer.   New York City Football Club will be sharing the same turf as the New York Yankees as the soccer team has yet to build its own stadium in its inaugural year in the MLS.

The Yankees players have started to voice their concern over the playing conditions that this situation might present.  Yankees switch hitting first baseman Mark Teixeira has let his opinion be known that he is worried it may affect the field.

Credit: Alex Menendez, Getty images Sport
Credit: Alex Menendez, Getty images Sport

"It's going to suck, but you have to deal with it," Teixeira said, "it's going to tear up the infield, but there is nothing we can do about it, so we'll deal with it."

Clearly, the grounds crew will be tested this season to have the field prepared for both teams, maybe more importantly the Yankees who play more of their games on the field than NYCFC.

Yankees president Randy Levine has assured everyone that, "The field will be fine for both sports."

The soccer matches will present a 3-day period between the match and the next Yankee game to assure that the grounds crew has the field up to par.

We've seen many sporting events held at Yankee Stadium in the past, including the New Era Pinstripe Bowl and a few soccer matches involving Chelsea.  Neither has caused much harm to the field, but with the amount of play that the Soccer team will have on that field (17 games) should the Yankees be concerned about their field being torn apart?


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